Doing More To Do Our Part In The World

We’re making a difference to the way we live, to protect and promote the environment, and helping to make sure those working in the industry can go home to their families safe. With the increase of CO2 emissions produced from commercial vehicles, the amount of paper used across Europe, and the number of defects still found on tyre today, JourneyTech takes on this responsibility with you to make for a better future.


We made sure that our systems are fully accessible by anyone and everyone. Not only does this make it easier for companies to use our technology but also gives a greater chance to reducing the amount of physical paperwork generated.

​Being one of the biggest industry of using paper, we aim to reduce this rapidly which will overall help our environment and allow more trees to grow.

Reduce CO2

Making vehicles more efficient through their tyres means less strain on mechanisms which need to work harder. By providing a system to make commercial vehicles as efficient as possible, they too will produce less CO2 emissions and thus gives us cleaner air to breath.

Loved Ones

Being on Roadside or on site around heavy machinery means more risk to our loved ones. We don’t just create systems to make operations more efficient but we also do it in mind of Health & Safety. Journey Techs systems have certain features which depending on the environment and situation are blocked from being used to protect those carrying work around them.