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Tyre Inspection Have Never Been Easier

Serving Tyre Operators over the UK & EU, Logis is the most user friendly and powerful fleet inspection system. Whether it’s commercial or specialty vehicles, from pressure checks to audits, you can rest easy knowing that you’re covered.

Available on Apple & Android

Whether you like using a desktop, tablet or phone, you can use our Logis application anywhere on any device with ease.

Your Data Is Your Data

Data is protected by our secured servers. Whatever you capture and input is for your eyes only, making it easier if it’s your own or assigned fleet to take care of.

Join The Logis Network

Join the hundreds of users using Logis and gain new business easily using a centralised system, whether it’s your fleets or a tyre managements.

No Bolt Ons Or Added Charges

Our Subscription Based model gives you a fixed cost with no additional charges. Any new features we add to the system is on us.

Quick & Easy Setup

Sign Up and start using Logis instantly. No need to contact anyone and you can manage your subscriptions and account straight from your login.

Our Support & Promise

Receive one-on-one training and 24/7 support on how to use Logis so you can manage your customers fleets as efficiently as possible.

Print, Export & Automate Reports

Save and sent automatically as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet to capture, modify, and send reports for meetings and discussion.

Fitter Friendly

Logis is designed to be as simple as possible, ensuring it works fast and fluently no matter how much or little computer / phone knowledge you have.

Fleet List Importer

No need to add vehicles one by one. Upload your customers vehicles via Excel in seconds, not hours.

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Logis by JourneyTech is the only solution using modern day technology so you can inspect the tyres on your customers commercial fleets easily. Being the only system available on Apple & Android, Logis offers a wide range of features that makes managing, inspecting, and reporting data to your customer and staff simple, secure, and in a single place.


To find out more, visit our Logis page or contact us and tru if for free with our 30 day trial!


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