CCTyres First To Utilise Logis

The first to sign up with many more jumping on board Journey Techs new tyre fleet inspection system.

We’re pleased to announce the team at CCtyres, with 3 depots, a tyre management division, and a network of highly skilled and trustworthy tyre service providers across the UK and Ireland, have started using Logis. After demoing the prototype and outlining its future builds, they’ve signed up and ready to start using it when Logis launches 1st September.
“In comparison to what’s out there in the market, Journey Tech has created something fresh and unique. They listened to what we want and delivered a solution there on the spot. They’ve got something here, very smart lads.”
The system will be used across the CCT network and provides a simple solution for other tyre providers to manage all their customer fleets without juggling multiple systems.

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