Bringing Logistic Technology
To The 21st Century

With Journey Tech’s 4 co-founders, we aim to create new and better ways for the Logistic Industry to utilise state of the art technology and make it easier and safer to operate comercial fleets.

We’ve Started & We’re Not Stopping

Creating Tech Solutions for the Logistics Industry

JourneyTechs goal is simple. Provide the best technology solutions for those in the Logistic industry to utilise, keeping fleets operating at their best and keeping people safe on the road. With many issues still to be tackled, we’re throwing ourselves into the deep end to find the ways of creating better and creative solutions using existing and advance technologies which through our designs make it easy to use and understand. It’s that simple.

Our Systems

Logis: Tyre Fleet Inspection System

Logis is our first and flagship system. After years of field testing, we’ve created the most advance tyre inspection system to date. Using the very latest technology, we’re now ahead of other systems by up to 14 years and creating features and functionality that you won’t see anywhere else.

Not only is it the first system to allow you to inspect on any device but also provides you with a way of managing your tyres on fleets and contracts which you take care of. If there’s something missing from the system, we’re happy to build it at no additional cost.

If you think there’s a system missing from the Logistics Industry that you and others may benefit on, reach out to us at


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